A state of recovery? New Hampshire edition.

August 26, 2010

In preparation for Vice President Biden’s visit today to Manchester, New Hampshire to discuss the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka the “stimulus”) and “mark a Recovery Act milestone,” below are some facts to consider:

New Hampshire’s share of the $862-billion “stimulus” bill received: $395,322,052
This is 0.5% of the $85.7 billion that has been received by states. (Last updated: 8/24/2010)

New Hampshire’s share of the population = 0.4%

New Hampshire’s unemployment rate was 5.5% when the “stimulus” was enacted in February 2009; for July 2010, the rate was 5.8%.

New Hampshire’s 5.8% unemployment rate is lower than the national average of 9.5%.

New Hampshire lost 5,400 jobs between February 2009 when the “stimulus” was enacted and July 2010.

For FY2011, New Hampshire is on track to overspend by $365 million. (Last updated: 7/15/2010)

New Hampshire’s number of foreclosed homes was 739 when the “stimulus” was enacted; that number has since grown to 835.

Example of “stimulus” spending:

$145,000 of federal stimulus funds were used to buy iPod Touch’s for sixth graders at Somersworth Middle School in New Hampshire. Superintendent Karen Soule said the devices are important to district’s mission of making students more “technology literate.”

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