All this GSA Fuss

April 20, 2012

You don’t have to go too far to see all the attention the GSA scandal has gathered. Bankrupting America has already parodied the incident in Vegas both in video and on the steps of Capitol Hill.

But even beyond that, the Washington Post, Fox News, MSNBC and others have all picked up the story and the response from Americans has been overwhelming. Rightfully so, the GSA wasted $822,000 on what seems to have been a particularly lame party with clowns and mind readers.

My question is why is there such an uproar over $822,000 when billions are lost due to waste, fraud and abuse in programs such as Social Security, Medicare and government contractors.

We’re nearly $16 trillion in debt, there is waste to be found everywhere. So why the increased scrutiny on just over $800,000?

I think it’s because $822,000 is very real to Americans. They know that is an amount of money that could feed them and their families for several years and the government is just wasting it.

The billions lost over the whole of government just seems too distant, too unspecific, too abstract to be tangible. Americans aren’t dumb, they know there is waste, they just rarely get a concrete example to point to.

But Washington should make no mistake, Americans are tired of wasteful government spending and it should respond by doing their upmost to ensure ridiculous examples like the GSA in Las Vegas never happens again.

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