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News Roundup | August 12, 2011

Here’s a roundup of this morning’s must-read budget and economic stories:

Reuters looks at the President’s remarks on jobs and the economy yesterday in Michigan.

Los Angeles Times, Politico, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Times all look at the makeup of the debt “super-committee” that will convene this fall.

The Hill reports that one House Democrat has offered the super-committee a $2 trillion outline for deficit reduction.

The New York Times and Politico look at what lawmakers are hearing from constituents over the August recess.

According to The Daily Caller, federal taxpayers are paying for a trip to Hawaii for Senate staff members.

On the opinion pages: Stephen Moore says it’s unlikely the debt super-committee will get much done; Grover Norquist celebrates Cost of Government Day; Investor’s Business Daily says no to more government spending; and Jane Harman and Vin Weber offer their ideas for deficit reduction.

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