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News Roundup | June 22, 2012

Here’s a roundup of this morning’s must-read budget and economic stories:

The Senate passed the farm bill yesterday. The Associated Press has the story. Attached to the farm bill, The Hill reports, was an amendment requiring the President to deliver a report on the impact of $1 trillion in automatic spending cuts set to begin next January.

Politico reports the Senate voted yesterday to cut federal funding for Republican and Democratic conventions.

Politico also says Senate leaders are close to a deal on a bill that would keep student loan interest rates low. The two parties have been negotiating over how to pay for the bill.

Bloomberg looks at how Congress’s failure to pass anything more than a short-term extension to highway funding is affecting states.

The New York Times examines how the Supreme Court’s decision on the 2010 health care law could affect program’s that received funding under the bill.

Moody’s downgraded 15 of the largest banks yesterday. The Associated Press, The HillThe New York Times have the story.

The Washington Post says stocks were down yesterday as evidence mounted that the economy is slowing. The Associated Press looks at how the weak job market affects the overall economy.

Reuters has the latest on the Spanish bailout.

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