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News Roundup | January 7, 2013

Here’s a roundup of the latest must-read budget and economic stories:

The New York Times says the tax code may be the most progressive it has been in three decades.

According to ReutersThe Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post Republicans will not agree to any further tax increases. The New York Times looks at the party’s deliberations on the issue.

Bloomberg says President Obama wants to raise taxes again by closing tax loopholes, but Reuters says the president also doesn’t want any more fights about the debt and deficits.

According to The HillDemocrats want $1 trillion in new revenue this year. (In a separate story, The Hill says House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is leading the charge. Politico has more.)

The Associated PressCBSCNNThe New York TimesThe Washington Postand The Washington Times detail the discussions within each party, and between the two parties, over increasing the debt ceiling.

Did the 2010 health care reform law work to lower insurance rates? The New York Times looks at premium increases.

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