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News Roundup | February 8, 2013

Here’s a roundup of the latest must-read budget and economic stories:

CNN has a helpful timeline of upcoming fiscal issues with which lawmakers much deal.

Reuters reports the federal budget deficit for January, according to the Congressional Budget Office, was just $2 billion.

According to Politico, if every American paid one more cent in income taxes and those who received government benefits took a one cent cut, the nation’s deficit problems would be much, much smaller.

The Hill says Senate Democrats do not yet have a comprehensive plan to replace the sequester spending cuts. Politico looks at some of the ideas they are batting around.

Politico notes farm subsidies are one area where Democrats are considering serious cuts.

Roll Call looks at Republican plans to deal with the sequester, noting the party thinks public opinion currently leans in their favor.

Bloomberg, The Hill and Reuters say President Obama has insisted any long-term deal on the budget deficit must include tax increases beyond those passed in January.

According to The Washington Post, lawmakers are divided on the U.S. Postal Service’s decision to end Saturday delivery service.

The Wall Street Journal examines how the recent increase in the payroll tax has affected American consumers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, economist believe the economy will grow 2.4 percent this year.

The Wall Street Journal says Republicans are trying to block health care subsidies to unions.

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