Beer Sales to Make Up Deficit

August 15, 2012

A new development from the campaign trail today as President Obama announces in Iowa that our fiscal troubles are over. The president revealed that during the tough times of the economic crisis, he has managed to perfect a White House exclusive micro-brew which, if sales predictions provided by the Office of Budget and Management are correct, should reduce the federal budget deficit and put the country back on track to balanced budgets.

The predictions value the beer at about $9 per a bottle of the light or dark honey wheat beer. Optimistic sales of 2-3 beers per American every month should account for around $9 billion in revenue per month. When asked if Americans would buy the new brew, press secretary Jay Carney responded with, “We aren’t saying there will be consequences to not buying the brew, but those who do not purchase the new product will have to pay a minor fee to account for the lack of purchase. This is not a tax though.”

If all goes to plan the brew will hit shelves as soon as October 31st. In related news, the First Lady’s presidential garden, which provides the honey for the aforementioned brew, will be expanded to now include the National Mall in its entirety.

This satirical blog post is referring to some an article on a White House micro brew story found here. While none of us here at Bankrupting America would be against enjoying a new micro brew from the White House, that would be pretty cool actually, we feel that this may not be the best use of the president’s time and the above is a fictional work. In reality, the country’s fiscal house is still a mess with a federal budget deficit of $974 billion and a national debt near $16 trillion.

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