Blog CMS Fails To Prevent Stimulus Fraud | Friday Fraud..

CMS Fails To Prevent Stimulus Fraud | Friday Fraud

The America Recovery and Reinvestment Act, often called the 2009 stimulus, will be five years old this month.
New Healthcare Enrollment Numbers Still Short Of Estimates | Spending Daily

With a debt limit increase being passed in the Senate Wednesday night, today’s Spending Daily will take a look at recent developments with the president’s healthcare law.
Snow Day | Breaking It Down

According to the most-recent estimate, shutting down the federal government for snow costs taxpayers more than $71 million a year.
Senate Agrees To Suspend Debt Ceiling Until After Election 2014 | Spending Daily

As expected, the Senate yesterday approved a bill that will suspend the statutory debt limit until March 15, 2015. The measure passed 55 to 43 with two members not voting.
Free Prescriptions For Prisoners – Thanks Medicare! | Wednesday Waste

On Jan. 27, the inspector general (IG) for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released findings from an investigation that found Medicare had been improperly spending millions on prisoners’ prescriptions through the Medicare Part D program.