Radio: AM Tampa Bay with Jack & Tedd

August 22, 2011

Gretchen Hamel and hosts, Jack and Tedd, of AM Tampa Bay discuss the latest video: Real or Fake #2. While Washington is talking about cutting waste and fraud to get out $14 trillion debt under control this video sheds light on surprising facts about how our government is spending your tax dollars – can you tell if they are real or fake?

Some of what Gretchen Hamel said:

“We’re highlighting these [Real or Fake] examples because during this debate when we are having to make tough decisions about education spending, defense spending, food stamps, whether we are feeding the poor, and foreign aid…. We need to be aware of the things that government is spending on that are not so important and things that they can cut that wouldn’t affect a majority of American people.”


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  1. toomuch says:

    government spending should be just and balanced should be disbursted into basic needs where its reaaly needed the weight is too heavy seriously it is much too heavy just like dean s. says put it in the areas where needed the little guy mann

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