Congress being Congress

March 14, 2012

After this past summer’s debt ceiling debate, the so called ‘Super Committee’ was supposed to construct a plan to get our finances under control, if they couldn’t accomplish that goal, a series of spending caps would be instituted to force their hand into action. Of course, the Super Committee was a super fail. But at least we had the hard spendingcaps that while painful, would force some type of fiscal responsibility. Right?

Of course not, Congress doesn’t play the responsibility game.

Last week, the Senate voted to waive one of the spending caps created by the Budget Control Act. Basically, the Budget Control Act set a limit on total aggregate spending in a given year in the Senate. Since the highway bill spent over this number, it violated a provision of the Budget Control Act. By a vote of 66-31, the Senate voted to waive the rule, which means in effect to heck with the cap.

You can find a recap of this in the Congressional Record. Honestly, it’s hard to explain this issue in detail, which is one reason why this issue is hardly gaining any attention.

This is typical Washington, lots of talk, lots of meetings and intentions, but at the end of the day, no will to act.

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