Detroit’s Story of Business

In July, Detroit became the largest American city to file for bankruptcy. Detroit faces crippling unemployment, high taxes, out-of-control crime, and is $18 billion in debt. The facts are scary, but they don’t tell the whole story.

To get a different perspective, we traveled to the city to talk to real Detroiters about bankruptcy, the city, and their hopes for the future. What they told us might surprise you.

In these three videos, we profile three different Detroit businesses and their hardworking owners. They told us the stories of their businesses, the challenges they face every day from a dysfunctional city government, and their thoughts on the Detroit bankruptcy proceedings.

Aside from the problems, the Detroiters we talked to told us about hope. Hope for a renewed Detroit, with less crime and more jobs. But they’re not just dreaming of a better city – they’re working to make it a reality.

Detroit\'s Story of Business