Dialogue with women entrepreneurs in New York City, NY

September 17, 2010

Women business owners from New York met Friday, September 17th to discuss economic factors that are affecting small business.  Speakers included Terry Neese, founder and CEO of the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW) and Susan Stewart, president of Charter Financial Group.  The purpose of the meeting was to gain critical knowledge and input on subjects important to small businesses.  Bankrupting America discovered that government spending was a major factor to these business owners with consequences including uncertainty caused by overspending, and higher taxes.

“I’ve talked to many businesses in the last month as we’ve traveled to various cities across the U.S. to speak with women business owners,” said Terry Neese.  “Many of these businesses have been forced to lay off employees or are unable to get capital, even if they have great credit. Regretfully, many have been forced to close their doors as well.”

We also spotted this group in Little Rock, AR on September 9th.

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