Did you get your Money’s Worth from Congress last week?

Money's Worth | September 12, 2011

The House and the Senate returned from their August recess this week. Most of the action took place off the chamber floors, with the debt super-committee holding its first meeting and President Obama announcing a new $447 billion jobs program.

What you paid
Last week taxpayers spent roughly $107.8 million on Congress.

Salaries of Members of Congress and their allowances/week:

Speaker of the House: $223,500/52 = $4,299
House and Senate Majority and Minority Leaders: ($193,400/52) x 4 = $14,877
Other Representatives and Senators: ($174,000/52) x 530 = $1,773,462

Average budget for Members of Congress: ($1,600,000/52) x 535 = $16,461,538

Non-salary money allocated for Congress: $4.656 billion/52 = $89,538,462

What you got
The House
voted for two bills and resolutions that have an unknown cost:

H.R. 1892, fiscal year 2012 Intelligence Authorization Act. COST: Unknown

H. Con. Res. 67, authorizing the use of the Capitol Grounds for the District of Columbia Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run. COST: None

The Senate passed a measure to increase the debt ceiling by $500 billion. The chamber also passed H.R. 1249, a bill to reform the patent system, which would save $725 million over 10 years, and confirmed Bernice Bouie Donald to be U.S. Circuit judge for the Sixth Circuit.

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