By the Numbers Breakdown: October Edition

October 31, 2013

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The numbers say it all: Washington has spent its way into a fiscal crisis. This unsustainable habit will have
consequences on future generations unless Congress can work together and enact lasting change.


State of the Federal Debt

National Debt: $17.1 trillion(source)

Debt per American: $53,915(source)

Debt per Household: $148,876(source)

Net Interest on the Debt: $415.7 billion(source)


State of the budget

Budget Deficit (September): $75.1 billion surplus(source)

Budget Deficit (FY2013): $680.3 billion(source)

Budget Deficit (FY2012): $1.089 trillion(source)

Consecutive Months of Budget Deficit: 0(source)

Revenue (FY2013): $2.8 trillion(source)

Spending (FY2013): $3.5 trillion(source)


State of the Economy

Economic Growth: 2.5 percent (2nd quarter third estimate)(source)

Trade Deficit (August 2013): $38.8 billion(source)

Unemployment (September 2013): 7.2 percent(source)

Jobs Created in 2013: 1.6 million(source)

States with the Highest Unemployment (as of August 2013)(source):

NV (9.5 percent), IL (9.2 percent), RI (9.1 percent), MI (9.0 percent), CA (8.9 percent)

States with the Lowest Unemployment(source):

ND (3.0 percent), SD (3.8 percent), NE (4.2 percent), HI (4.3 percent), UT, VT (4.6 percent)

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