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February 15, 2012



The Washington Post: “Mr. Obama’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2013 falls short. At the end of the 10-year budget window, he would have the national debt at a disturbing 76.5 percent of gross domestic product.” (Editorial, “Obama’s Budget Falls Short, But It Beats Many Alternatives,” The Washington Post, 2/14/12)

USA Today: “The plan would still add $6.7 trillion in deficits over the next decade, with the debt-to-GDP ratio creeping up to about 77% through 2022.  Beyond that, long-term figures buried deep inside the budget show the debt would shoot up again after 2022 and just keep going, driven by an aging population and the escalating cost of Social Security and health care.” (Editorial, “Obama’s Budget Plan Leaves Debt Bomb Ticking,” USA Today, 2/14/12)

The Wall Street Journal: “Promises of future spending cuts are a mirage.  Mr. Obama needs to point to the mirage because his fiscal record is the worst in modern American history.” (Editorial, “The Amazing Obama Budget,” The Wall Street Journal, 2/14/12)

Los Angeles Times: “…President Obama released a budget proposal for the coming fiscal year that offers no real solution to the United States’ long-term fiscal problems.” (Editorial, “What About The U.S. Debt?” Los Angeles Times, 2/14/12)

The Detroit News: “If passed as presented – and there’s little likelihood of that – the spending plan would lock America on an auto-pilot course for Greece.  Instead of halving the deficit he inherited, as he pledged when he took office, Obama plans for a fifth straight year of $1 trillion deficits, and in his next term, should he win one, would add another $3 trillion to the $5.5 trillion in new debt he’s racked up so far.” (Editorial, “Obama Budget Shirks Off Any Pretense To Fiscal Responsibility,” The Detroit News, 2/14/12)

The Chicago Tribune: “The proposal he floated Monday actually would aggravate the somewhat rosier debt projections he provided to Congress as recently as September.  What we have then is a debt debacle that, even with the president’s plan, would continue to grow our debt by leaps and bounds.” (Editorial, “Athens On The Potomac,” The Chicago Tribune, 2/14/12)

Bloomberg: “The administration should have aimed higher, instead of making the tax code murkier than it already is.” (Editorial, “Obama Misses Opportunity To Tackle Tax Reform In $3.8 Billion Budget: View,” Bloomberg, 2/14/12)

MSNBC’S Joe Scarborough: “I look at the deficit, I look at the long-term debt, I look at this budget and what I see is that mandatory spending is going to continue to explode.  Discretionary spending in all of these important areas is going to continue to shrink and because the White House doesn’t have the courage and Democrats don’t have the courage to take on those huge programs and slow down the rate of growth.” (MSNBC’S Morning Joe, 2/14/12)

The Boston Herald: “President Barack Obama has apparently decided that he is not going to be part of the solution to the nation’s enormous deficit – which would make him, yes, part of the problem.” (Editorial, “Obama Punts On Budget,” The Boston Herald, 2/14/12)

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank: “All the sports talk amounted to a head fake, or perhaps a quarterback sneak, because the real game the White House was playing was dodgeball: evading anything resembling a serious budget proposal.” (Dana Milbank, “Obama’s Budget Games,” The Washington Post, 2/13/12)

National Review: “Pres. Barack Obama has proposed the largest federal budget in the history of the United States of America, at $3.73 trillion.  It includes a string of monster deficits, including a projected 2012 deficit amounting to 10.9 percent of GDP – a borrowing binge exceeded by the United States only during the height of World War II.” (Editorial, “Budget Bust,” National Review, 2/14/12)

  • “Obama’s budget is bad – very bad, inasmuch as its vision of fiscal responsibility includes deficits in excess of $1 trillion for the next decade, an arrangement that Uncle Sam’s creditors will have something to say about, none of it likely to be pleasant.” (Editorial, “Budget Bust,” National Review, 2/14/12)


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