Friday Funnies: 5 jokes about government spending

July 9, 2010


“Of course things could also be better. Like if everything had gone according to the Administration’s own projections from early 2009, which said that the stimulus would cap unemployment at 8%, with the 9+% jobless rate we have right now as the doomsday scenario if Congress didn’t pass the plan. Of course not everyone in America has lost their job, including Christina Romer, the White House economist who made that chart. She’s apparently still working” — Jon Stewart


“We have no money, we’re way in debt and you want to blow $34 billion.  Where are we supposed to get that money? You want us all to work for the Chinese!” — Stephen Colbert interviewing Paul Krugman


The Onion: VIDEO: The United States gave billions of dollars in aid to the wealthy European principality of Andorra, which it mistakenly assumed was a poor African country.


“In this economy no job is safe, not even mine. I should never have agreed to teach that Learn How to Host the Colbert Report class at the learning annex.” — Stephen Colbert


Cartoon: If states shopped for groceries

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