Friday Funnies: 5 jokes about the economy

Friday Funnies | September 23, 2011


“Congress’ approval rating has dropped to 12 percent. The other 88 percent are withholding judgment until Congress actually does something.” – Jay Leno


The Onion: U.S. Economic Recovery Resting On Man Currently Perusing Sears Power Tools Section


“President Obama described himself as an eternal optimist. He then explained that he’s the kind of person that sees the country as ‘half employed.'” – Conan O’Brien


“The Tea Party is forming its own debt super committee that will meet this week at a Florida Denny’s. You do not want to be the waiter that adds the tax to their check.” – Conan O’Brien


“President Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly. He opened up with a joke: ‘The American dollar is strong.'” – Jimmy Kimmel

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