Friday Funnies: 5 jokes about the economy

Friday Funnies | October 7, 2011


“Sad Greece is on verge of default with so much potential gold wealth. I blame the ineffectual leadership of King Midas. Just touch something!” – Stephen Colbert


“A 6th grade student from Springfield, New Jersey, who asked Gov. Chris Christie for campaign advice, wound up losing his election for student council. Worse still, he asked President Obama for economic advice and he now owes his school $14 trillion.” – Jay Leno


“Actually, President Obama did take Michelle out to a lovely dinner on Saturday. It was a little awkward, though. When the bill came, Obama just put it on the tab of the Chinese couple sitting next to them.” – Jimmy Fallon


The Onion: Surprising provisions tucked into the President’s jobs bill


“It is now more likely that there will be an NBA season this year than a functioning government.” – Andy Borowitz

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