Friday Funnies! 5 Jokes about the Economy

Friday Funnies | June 22, 2012

5. Political Cartoon: Our Sponsor


4. “Today President Obama gave a major speech where he defended his handling of the economy. And there were tons of people in the audience, you know, since nobody had to be at work.” –Jimmy Fallon


3. Political Cartoon: Federal Reserve Boosting Economy


2. “Guantanamo Bay is getting millions and millions of dollars of upgrades and renovations. In fact, they’re not even calling it a detention camp anymore. It’s now a gated community.” –Jay Leno


1. “Republican Senator John McCain and Democrat Harry Reid have called for the federal government to step in and help regulate the sport of boxing. Is that a good idea – something so corrupt and unethical attempting to regulate something so corrupt and unethical?” –Jay Leno

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