Friday Funnies! 5 Jokes About the Economy

Friday Funnies | July 6, 2012

5. “I could not wait to start using my Obamacare. Today, I swallowed a fist full of birth control pills and then washed it down with poison. What do I care, it’s free?” –Bill Maher


4. Political Cartoon: Manufacturing Decline


3. “Last night was the big annual congressional baseball game between the Democrats and Republicans, and the Democrats won 18-5. Of course the Democrats won. Did you see who the umpire was? Chief Justice John Roberts.” –Jay Leno


2. “Happy 4th of July! As you take this day to honor America, ask yourself, “Why am I not honoring America on the other 364 days? Shame on me.” -Stephen Colbert


1. Political Cartoon: We’re Saved!

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