Friday Funnies! 5 Jokes About the Economy

Friday Funnies | July 13, 2012

5. “The White House is now urging Americans not to ‘read too much’ into last week’s jobs report. In fact, they said it would be best if you didn’t read it at all.” –Jay Leno


4.  “Tomorrow the House of Representatives will vote for the 30th time on healthcare. For the 30th time they’ll vote it down again. Who says these guys aren’t doing stuff, huh?” –David Letterman 


3. “The latest poll shows 56% of voters think President Obama has changed America – for the worse. At this point, there’s only one thing that can keep Mitt Romney from beating him. Mitt Romney. ” –Jay Leno


2. Political Cartoon: Not Good For My Health


1. The Onion: Obama Pledges to Repeal Obamacare if re-elected

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