ICYMI: "Good luck taming this corporation"

August 5, 2010

This morning, Michael Medved argues in USA Today that the government poses a greater threat to the nation’s economy than any of the recently reviled corporations:

No corporation on the planet comes close to the United States government in sheer magnitude, or unimaginable, unprecedented power. The nation’s top 100 corporations combined still fall far short of the behemoth in Washington, D.C., which conducts extensive operations in agriculture, weapons production, medical care, housing, real estate, education, mail delivery, policing, resource development, banking, the arts, security services, food provision, transportation and much, much more. Within five years, federal spending will consume 25% of every dollar generated by the private economy.

Every American feels the dramatic, relentless growth of federal power, but a dwindling minority — less than one-quarter, according to pollsters — wants Washington to do even more.

Hitting struggling corporations with more taxes, regulation, lawsuits and rhetorical abuse can hardly assist them in their all-important mission of job creation.

The public also understands that such recklessness, such unsustainable spending, would bring individuals or small businesses to rapid financial ruin; only the largest corporations, and the federal government itself, can get away with long-standing patterns of irresponsibility. The contrast raises the painful issue of double standards: the application of different rules for the people and the powerful.

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