Independents Just Aren’t Impressed

June 14, 2012

A recent poll by ABC news and the Washington Post took an in-depth look at the attitude of independent voters towards the economic plans put forth by both presidential candidates.

The results? Independents aren’t too thrilled by either option.

The president’s plan is viewed negatively rather than positively by 54-38 percent. Gov. Romney is seeing a gap of 47-35 percent but with more respondents undecided.

A lot of this reflects the country’s pessimism about the economy in general. We released a poll yesterday that showed 59 percent of Americans feel we’re on the wrong track. Furthermore, the same poll showed that 65 percent of Americans feel that the U.S. economic situation affects them directly, and 70 percent say the health of the U.S. economy is extremely or very impacted by the size of the federal debt. So any solution is going to be approached with caution by independents. Considering how many times Washington has steered them wrong, this should come as no surprise.

Americans know that we’re in economic trouble, and they will hold Washington accountable for it.  Unfortunately, what they don’t hear right now are clear, strong solutions from either presidential candidate.

One of the mantras we preach here at Public Notice and Bankrupting America is that while our fiscal problems are large, simple and straightforward solutions can get us back on track. Unfortunately, both Gov. Romney’s and the president’s plans sound like more of the same from Washington – vague solutions punctuated by talking points. We’ve heard all of this before. Gov. Romney talks spending cuts without getting in the hard decisions of what to cut, and the president continues to double down on the government being a source of economic growth.

We need leadership on our fiscal issues. It’s time for our politicians to have an honest discussion about entitlements, defense spending and government spending at large. There should be no avoiding the topic of which real cuts need to be made.

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