American public and the debt ceiling

June 13, 2011

Washington is in the midst of a heated debate over the debt ceiling. Should it be raised or not? Should it be raised with spending cuts? What will happen if we raise it? What will happen if we don’t? These types of questions have dominated the economic discussions among lawmakers for months.

But what do everyday Americans think? We decided to find out. Our latest national poll gauged how the public feels about the preeminent spending debate in Washington. And we took it a step farther, visualizing the results of the poll in a handy infographic.

Click here to see a memorandum with more analysis of the poll results.

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14 Responses to American public and the debt ceiling

  1. I’ve been concerned now about this growing US debt for about two years. I studied this in a non-political way, and wrote a lengthy essay, called Perfect. It’s pretty frightening what is going on today. If were not careful, we’ll look like Greece, or worse. Indeed, it seems those in charge in Washington today are acting just like Nero: fiddling as Rome burned. They say it’s a future problem; we must be concerned about the fragile economy. I think we have a fragile government! It’s helping perpetuate a fragile economy. And the future is now, unless one does not care to believe early warnings from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s debt rating agencies. If we get to the point where global confidence snaps, we will have an opportunity to go the way of the Roman Empire. It won’t be pretty. I’m from Wisconsin. It will make all the screaming we recently heard in Madison seem pussy-cat tame.

    • Darryl B. Lawton says:

      Mike, that is the intention of Mr. Obama (just can not seem to be able to call him President), to make us worse than Greece. he has even pledged the American taxpayers’ money to bail Greece out of their economic woes, although with what, I have no idea. He has been spending China’s money. His intention is for the dollar to fall.

      The way the wind in Washington is blowing, get ready to produce your papers on demand….. just like Hitler’s Germany.

      • Darryl, You are right on. Every day we lose more liberty. All but a very few congressmen and senators have no idea what is constitutional.

        The camps are built, what event will set it all in motion? Oops, it’s been in motion for years.

  2. Mike Rabey says:

    The career politicans know how to get elected and stay elected … give the voters simple and painless solutions to difficult and painful problems. Taking the necessary steps to curb overspending would be painful and difficult … enraging a voting peopulace which now feels entitled to pandering and buck-passing.

    • CitizenHill says:

      “People can fight a tyranny imposed by an outside force.

      – People cannot fight a tyranny that we impose on ourselves.”

  3. Dave Marino says:

    Abolish all federal alphabet soup departments and allow the states to take over these duties.

  4. John Martin says:

    Why have we not had a consolidated action of states rising up against Obama and his financial detriment of this nation? Is it lack of courage on the part of the governors? We the people seem to be angry enough to push for more representation. The debt limit question should have never gotten to this extreme. Is the general populace truly that complacent?

  5. katie carlo says:

    It is sad that a mere 535 people plus the president can have such negative effect upon such a “smart” society. One place to start, Democrat vs. Republican, how about AMERICAN, you know, for the people. Put down your chosen side and side with the people.

  6. Jim E. says:

    Whether the debt ceiling is raised or not raised has become almost academic. Raising the limit will dilute the value of the Dollar and result in Inflation. Not raising the debt ceiling theoretically will result in default of some or all of our outstanding debt devaluing the Dollar and resulting in Inflation. Net result either way is Inflation or at worse case a Dollar having absolutely no value at all.

    It is quite questionable that Mickey Mouse cuts in the budget even to the point of actually balancing it will prevent our experiencing virtually runaway inflation at this point. We are in a situation a bit like the guy who is three months behind on his car payment, had his hours cut by 25% and is figuring if he cuts spending down by one six pack a week he can scrape up enough to make one car payment that will keep the repo man away from the driveway.

    Word to the wise! Expect virtually everything you buy today to be 25 to 50 percent higher this time next year. Invest in commodities that will be in demand regardless of inflation and especially not in stocks of consumer goods producers whose products can’t be eaten.

  7. Martin Fee says:

    “The need to raise the debt ceiling is the result of failed fiscal policy” Thats paraphrased but basically what Senator Obama had to say when GW wanted it raised. He then proceeded to vote against raising it. NOW it’s an absolute necessity to save the Nation?

    Is there anything this man can take a stand on and stay standing? He’s against it, then for it, whats next?

    Raising the debt ceiling is just prolonging the agony. Everything says we are headed for an unprecedented collapse. 16% Unemployment, No industrial growth, banks once again teetering on failure, and the Government is still spending money like a first time lottery winner.

    Let it crash. let the entire rotted structure fall in upon itself. It is only after that that we will be able to rebuild and end the nightmare that is liberalism.

    It will also end those who have lived off the blood of others for generations. That may sound harsh but with resources diminishing and populations growing there has to be some checks and balances. We can not sustain this nightmare we have let the Government create through the greed of others. The idea that one is entitled to a living just because the exist must come to a swift and brutal end.

    Being forced to be politically correct has not changed people on the inside. We all know there are massive amounts of people that will perish within 6 months of a collapse when there is no more Government money or cheese to be had and no more courts to force people into supporting those who refuse to support themselves.

    Sink or swim, work and eat or perish. Trust me,those of us that have worked all our lives to support not only our families but 10 others as well we will not miss nor mourn your passing.

  8. Michael Palumbo says:

    We can not afford to payback our current debt. Our elected officials want to add to the debt we can not afford to pay back. Yet they continue to give billions away to foreign countries and funding pet projects. Do you see the same problem I do? If there is no money to give than tell the other countries sorry the money is not there and put towards our debt. Furthermore, stop giving Congressman and senators a retirement and full benefits unless they serve at least 25 years. Imagine what we could do if we took all that money we saved and reinvested it into the Unites States of America! As far as raise the debt ceiling? HELL NO!


    Cut defense by ending foreign entanglements (policing the world for free). Cut the dept of education (I don’t want to pay for their poor performance). Education is a local issue. Cut across the board, cut now, cut deeply, cut permanently. If politicians raise the debt ceiling based on projected future cuts then vote them out!

  10. dizzy izzi says:

    we can not afford the interest alone. We will be completly bankrupt within 3 years max. Probally 2. Here come the NEW WORLD ORDER!!!! Buckle your boot straps because our freedom is alomost over!

  11. Colin Dobrin says:

    Did you intentionally plagiarize the title of this infographic on from May?

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