Is spending too high or too low?

September 27, 2010

71% of likely voters say government spending is too high; only 8% say it is too low.

The issue of government spending is important to voters of all political stripes: Republicans (87%); Independents (67%); and Democrats (42%).

Source: 10-state aggregate poll, Tarrance Group/Hart Research [Sept 2010] sponsored by Public Notice.

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3 Responses to Is spending too high or too low?

  1. robert ludwig says:

    spending has to be maintained at the present level or it will cause the distruction of even more jobs. This is a connundrum caused by the worst president of all time George Bush

  2. Susan Speers says:

    Well, looks like the neocons in the republican party have done it again… Never cared much for Clinton, but when he left office we had a HUGE surplus and a nearly balanced budget (for the first time in many years)… It didn’t take George “Duh-byah” Bush long to redistribute this wealth to his “keepers” like Blackwater, the large banks, insurance companies and the likes of Mobil/Exxon, and bankrupt us again – while the republican noise machine did a more than adequate job of distracting the public’s attention… Now these same morally bankrupt but cash wealthy pigs would have us believe the current administration is to blame!!! Incredible!!! While it may be true that I left the Democratic Party in disgust due to their lack of backbone, I won’t hesitate for one second to vote for their lousy spineless candidates over the minions of Beelzebub the neocons run against them… Our only hope is that the “staged” and corporate funded tea party “movement” brings out the vilest of their racist greedy members and causes the republican party to implode once and for all!!!! God help the United States, Incorporated!!!

  3. Steve Saunders says:

    Only Congress can spend money it does not have. Want proof? Try writing a bad check; they will throw you in jail. You cannot spend your way out of a recession. It must be done the old fashioned way, earn it.

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