Surplus not even in your lifetime?

September 27, 2010

Voters are cynical about the nation’s fiscal future: less than half (40%) believe they will see another federal budget surplus in their lifetime.

Source: 10-state aggregate poll, Tarrance Group/Hart Research [Sept 2010] sponsored by Public Notice.

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Surplus not even in your lifetime?

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2 Responses to Surplus not even in your lifetime?

  1. Robert Horgan says:

    The text suggests that the current administration is responsible for the massive deficits we now have. When Clinton left office, we had an $800 billion surplus. Reagan quadrupled the national debt, and George W. Bush doubled it once again. Don’t we think that the Democrats need a few more years to get things back on track?

  2. Holly Stevens says:

    Who funds Public Notice, the entity that is sponsoring the campaigns? How did Public Notice start? Who gave it its initial funding? Where is it incorporated? Can we see its incorporation papers?

    I am growing increasingly suspicious of commercials that are aired using innocuous names such as “Public Notice” that reveal nothing about the people and entities behind them and their motives. Especially as individuals lose their influence over campaigns as corporations get more and more judicial support for funding candidates that are in their grip….

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