When is a cut, a cut? (part 2)

August 23, 2011

The months-long debt ceiling debate ended abruptly and just in time as Congress reached an agreement to raise the limit and cut nearly $1 trillion in spending. In Part 1 of our “If it walks like a duck” infographic series, we displayed why it may not even be accurate to call these spending reductions cuts as they simply decrease the rate at which spending increases. Now we take a look at what the so-called cuts actually do. Do they address the biggest drivers of our national debt? Will they have a significant long-term impact in controlling our economic crisis?

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2 Responses to When is a cut, a cut? (part 2)

  1. Techdirector08 says:

    They’re not cuts, more smoke screens form Washington. Everyone that voted for that farce needs to go! Career pols need to be voted out and replaced by people who care about this country more than their own egos!

  2. Lvron5248 says:

    If they cut social security and medicade. They will find that their positions are not safe and the seniors will start recalls. Which I hope and pray the hole nation will do the same. The goverment has no learned a thing about finances.

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