When is a cut, a cut?

August 18, 2011

The months-long debt ceiling debate ended abruptly and just in time as Congress reached an agreement to raise the limit and cut nearly $1 trillion in spending. But is it really fair to call those spending reductions cuts? A closer look at the numbers reveals that the agreement doesn’t actually cut spending from current levels, but merely slows the rate at which spending increases.

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8 Responses to When is a cut, a cut?

  1. Dkdenoble says:

    can we hold their heads underwater until they indicate they will truly CUT spending?

    • Ggnona313 says:

      Speaking for the People-There are more of us than there are of them-We United should be able to FORCE the issue

  2. rp says:

    remember this congress cannot bind what another congress wants to do or spend!!

  3. Mad says:

    Did anyone really think the lying scumbags were going to cut spending. Federal spending is how they buy votes!

  4. We The People says:

    Cut their pay, have them buy Obamacare health insurance, cut their pensions and pay into Social Security. Let them pay into 401k’s. end tax cuts to the wealthy. stop the contributions to their campaigns. Limit terms to two. Let them live as the American people have to.

  5. Ggnona313 says:

    They deserve minimum wage only with no benefits-When Truman left office He got no retirement benefits-That was how this country was set up by the founding Fathers-One could serve the people, when that term expired, the Public Servent was expected to go home and resume the occupation one had before being elected

  6. Chrispy Cracker says:

    Our TAX dollars between two politians is like a gold fish between two cats.

  7. Kevcarr59 says:

    This is EXACTLY what happened in the 1995 budget debate. Republicans wanted to slow budget increases by about 1.2 -1.4 percent and the Democrat liberals screamed that we were taking food out of school lunch program, cutting Social Security and killing Medicare. The liberal media machine kept LYING to the American people, and some of them believed it.

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