New TV Ad On Sequestration: 3 Pennies

March 4, 2013

Public Notice is rolling out a national cable and online advertising campaign urging Washington to offset sequestration with more responsible spending cuts.

Our new campaign focuses on what is really being asked of Washington – a cut of 3 cents from every dollar they spend, which is the type of sacrifice Americans make everyday. The ad will run from March 5-15.

As Washington begins debating next steps in the wake of automatic spending cuts, our national debt continues to grow, the primary drivers of our deficit remain unchanged, and billions of dollars are wasted by the federal government every year. In March, we will see the fiscal debate intensify with budget proposals from both houses of Congress and the president, in addition to legislation to continue funding the government. Sequestration will continue to loom large as its impact is felt over the coming weeks and months.

As Gretchen Hamel, our executive director at Public Notice, said in our press release:

“Finding just 3 cents on every dollar in the annual federal budget to replace sequestration isn’t ‘draconian’ or ‘drastic’ – it’s the responsible thing to do. Considering we’re $16.6 trillion in debt and on our way to $20 trillion in debt in the next four years, Americans expect more from Washington than passing blame and demagoguing.”

Do you think Washington should be able to responsibly trim our bloated federal budget by 3 percent? Tweet us your thoughts using #ShowUsYourCuts or leave a comment on Facebook.

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