Overturning Automatic Cuts

May 10, 2012

Republicans in the House passed legislation today to overturn automatic cuts in defense spending in favor of cuts that would decrease money spent on food stamps and other social programs.

While the bill moves to the Senate, President Obama announced this week that he would veto any change in the cuts that would substitute defense cuts agreed to in the bipartisan Budget Control Act. Democrats in the Senate also have stated that revisions to the previously agreed upon cuts would not clear the Senate unless they were part of a “balanced approach”. As we discussed previously, defense spending makes up 20 percent of federal spending; it takes the world’s other top 17 defense-spending countries to equal what the U.S. spends on defense.

As we look to reduce the deficit and national debt, all expenditures must remain on the table. Whether that be defense spending, growing entitlement programs, or discretionary spending. If Congress is going to be serious about cutting the deficit, they must consider all the options, not just the ones they want.

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