New polls affirm Americans agree: spending needs to be cut

March 9, 2011

There are three new polls out today which echo the message voters made clear in November: Americans are ready for spending cuts.

The first, a poll by Resurgent Republic, found 62% of registered voters think deep spending cuts are necessary now. Only 28% think federal spending should be kept at current levels.

Furthermore, according to a Bloomberg poll, Americans are convinced spending cuts help the economy. In the poll, a majority of respondents said the most important issue facing the country was job creation. When asked what was the best way to create jobs, 53% said cutting government spending and taxes while only 44% said government “investment.”

The third poll reveals voters’ appetite for spending cuts extends to their state houses. Gallup asked adults whether they would favor or not favor certain policies for tackling state budget deficits. Only two options received majority support: Reducing or eliminating state programs (65% of adults supported) and reducing the number of state workers (which 62% supported). At the bottom of the scale was more borrowing and tax increases.

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