President Obama Seeks To Block House Appropriations Bill

June 4, 2013

Yesterday, the White House issued a statement threatening to veto a House spending bill determining funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The bill, H.R. 2217, would add additional funding to the DHS’s 2014 fiscal year appropriations while still adhering to the overall spending limits determined by the Budget Control Act of 2011.

The veto threat is intended to bring together a House-Senate conference to create a larger budget framework that would make more efficient investments in infrastructure and support the economic recovery. Previously, the House and Senate have refused to produce a budget with bi-chamber support due to their differing perspectives on these issues. The Senate budget plan seeks to add $1 trillion in taxes while the House budget would increase cuts to non-defense programs.

House Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers (R-KY) believes the veto announcement from the president is an empty threat. He noted that the current administration refuses to “come to the table to address the problem on the entitlements, which is eating up the budget. Unless they come to the table to address that, they really don’t have any sway with me.”

The DHS bill is the first of two pieces of legislation from the House Appropriations Committee this week. The Military Construction-Veterans Affairs bill determines the fiscal year 2014 spending limits on infrastructure needed to house, train and equip military personnel.

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