The Case For Smaller Government Grows In The Wake Of Scandals

May 28, 2013

James Madison famously said, “If men were angels, we would need no government.” Days after the IRS and other scandals came to light, it appears that quote needs a re-evaluation. The government has grown well past its original intentions and is wading into the murky waters of targeting those who wish to hold it accountable.

Gretchen Hamel: A Fiscal Fitness Plan for Washington

November 24, 2012

First, and mostly importantly, elected officials should keep their promises and listen to the voters. It’s easier said than done, but think about members of the two previous Congresses and where many of them are right now. Politicians should remember them when deciding how to vote on a bill that increases spending without offsets or gives preferential treatment to a certain constituency.

Gretchen Hamel: Time to Talk Turkey

November 24, 2012

Here we go again. Right back to where we left off last year. Tax rates are the main sticking point, the hard-deadline is New Year’s Eve and both Republicans and Democrats are doing their best to assure voters this time won’t be like last time.

Gretchen Hamel: Obama and Romney Attend Town Hall Debate, Forget Town

October 18, 2012

As the dust settles from the second presidential debate, one question looms—we saw the hall but where was the town? The objectives going in were clear: Romney wanted to bolster his momentum from the last debate, and Obama wanted to make up lost ground. But really happened was this—the candidates were more concerned with throwing out rehearsed answers to the questions they wanted to be asked rather than giving honest answers to questions that actually were asked.