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The Curse of Can’t-Do Government

November 27, 2013

It’s been a tough few weeks for President Obama. The disastrous launch of his controversial health care law, marked by a malfunctioning website, insurance rate hikes and millions of cancelled policies, has even the president’s most ardent admirers questioning his executive ability.

Sequester Put Washington On Notice

October 8, 2013

There are smart cuts that Washington can make across the federal government, and sequestration proved it. Why? Because when the White House and Congress threw up their hands, refused to budget, and accepted the worst case scenario, federal agencies began to adapt and made smarter cuts to help minimize the damage.

New Year’s Eve Bureaucrat Binge Costs Taxpayers Billions

October 1, 2013

“The government worker who spends every last dime will get an equal or greater appropriation the next year, perhaps even a bonus for a job well done. The one who saves for a rainy day or returns money to the Treasury won’t be so lucky. “