Public Pulse: Future of Taxes and Economy

Public Pulse | April 24, 2012

According to Rasmussen, 46% of likely voters are now more concerned that the government will do too much in reacting to the nation’s economic problems rather than not enough. 42% are more worried the government will not do enough.12% aren’t sure.

According to Gallup, 53% of adults think their taxes will be higher in one year; 2% think they will be lower; and 41% think they will be the same.

According to CBS/New York Times, 24% of registered voters believe the next generation will be better off; 47% say worse off; and 23% say the same.

According to the Economist, 46% of adults say the increase in gas prices has been a very serious problem for them and their family. 32% say it has been somewhat of a problem; 16% say not too much of a problem; and 17% say it has not been a problem at all.

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