Public Pulse: Taxes or Cuts

Public Pulse | February 21, 2012

According to the Economist, when given four choices, 6% of adults support cutting the budget deficit by increasing taxes; 52% prefer cutting spending; 33% prefer a combination of the two; and 10% say neither.

According to the National Journal, when given two choices, 53% of adults are most concerned that “the government taxes workers too much to fund programs for people who could get by without help.” 38% said their main concern was that “federal programs … don’t provide enough of a safety net for people who need help to get by.”

According to  CBS/New York Times, 55% of adults believe they will pay more to the federal government in taxes than they receive in benefits; 12% believe they will get more in benefits than they pay in; and 28% believe the amount they pay in and the amount they will receive will be about equal.

According Rasmussen, 32% of likely voters believe the bailouts of banks, auto companies and insurance companies were good for the United States; 51% view the bailouts as bad for the country, while 17% remain undecided.

According to Fox News, when it comes to the economy, 42% of registered voters think the worst is behind us. 48% think the worst is yet to come.

According to CBS/New York Times, 30% of adults expect Social Security to have the money necessary to provide the benefits they expect when they retire. 54% do not and 15% were not sure.


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