Public Pulse: Taxes or Deductions

Public Pulse | December 11, 2012

According to Quinnipiac, when asked which of two options they would prefer, 39% of registered voters said they would prefer to raise tax rates on wealthy individuals. 45% said they would prefer to limit tax deductions for wealthy individuals.

According to Rasmussen, 19% of  likely voters believe the government should increase federal spending to help stimulate the economy. 62% oppose new spending as an economic stimulus while 19% are undecided.

According to the Associated Press, 25% of adults think the economy is in good shape; 63% think it is in poor shape; and 12% think it is neither good nor poor shape.

According to Economist, 49% of adults think the economy will be hurt badly if Congress and the President don’t reach a deal on the fiscal cliff. 33% say it will be hurt a little and 5% don’t think it will be hurt at all.

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