Public Pulse: Wasteful Spending and the Debt

Public Pulse | May 1, 2012

According to the Economist, when asked how much excessive spending on things like the GSA Las Vegas conference contributed to the debt, 12% of adults said “not much at all”; 31% said “not very much”; 38% said “quite a bit”; and 20% said “a lot.”

According to Fox News, when given two choices, 38% of registered voters say President Obama’s “Buffett Rule” proposal is a serious proposal that will reduce the budget deficit. 54% say it is an election year gimmick to avoid cutting government spending.

According to Rasmussen, 50% of likely voters think society would become less fair if the government got more involved in regulating the economy. Only 22% believe society would become more fair if there was greater government regulation. 21% feel things would remain about the same.

According to Fox News, when given four choices, 35% of registered voters would describe the economy as “in recession, things could get worse”; 48% would say “still in recession, but things could get better”; 9% would say the “recession is over, but another could be coming”; and 6% say the recession is over and the economy is recovering.

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