Public Pulse: Which is more important?

Public Pulse | April 17, 2012

According to Fox News, when given two choices, 28% of registered voters agreed with the statement “in times of high unemployment and war, the country’s debt has to go up to fund essential government spending.” 68% agreed with the statement “government spending is out of control and the country must take a stand now to reduce the debt.”

According to Third Way, when given two choices, 60% of Independents say it is more important to reduce the budget deficit; 35% say it is more important to reduce the income gap.

According to ABC/Washington Post, 21% of adults think the recession is over while 76% think the country is still in a recession.

According to The Economist, 2% of adults say they trust the federal government to do what is right just about all the time; 10% say most of the time; 42% say some of the time; and 40% say almost never.

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