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June 1, 2011

As expected, last night the House rejected to raise the debt ceiling without any coupled spending cuts. Is this anything more than political theater? Gretchen Hamel and hosts, Jack and Tedd, of AM Tampa Bay talk debt ceiling vote, Medicare, and about more issues that affect you.

Some of what Gretchen Hamel said:

“You think the heat is bad in Florida, the heat is really bad because of all of the hot air coming out of Capitol Hill yesterday and will continue today.

“This is political theater at some of its finest. Even the chief sponsor, Ways and Means Chairman, said that this bill will come to the floor and fail. It was pretty clear that this was political theater. Both sides were trying to send a message to each other.

“The Medicare Trustees Report came out two weeks ago and it said that Medicare will go bankrupt in 2024. That has been a hot debate here in Washington over the course of the past few months because of Paul Ryans budget that does address the program.

“We either address [Medicare], reform it today, or we face not having that great program that was started decades ago.”

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