Regulation Watch

December 21, 2012

Regulations are taxes by another name. Here are the most interesting stories on federal regulation policy from the last week:

Bloomberg TV explores “the risks of red tape during a recession.

According to TenThousandCommandments.Com, The federal government has released 3,555 final rules and regulations this year.

The Environmental Protection Agency released a final rule last week that would tighten limits on the amount of soot in the air. The Washington Post said, “It is difficult to pin down the new standard’s economic impact …”

According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Environmental Protection Agency regulations cost $353 billion each year.

The Associated Press reports the number of regulations will likely increase in President Obama’s second term. The wire service writes, “During his first two years in office, Obama published a “record-setting” average of 63 economically significant final rules per year, she said, a pace that slowed to about 50 major rules in 2011 and fewer than two dozen this year. [Director of the Regulatory Studies Center at George Washington University Susan] Dudley said she expects a second Obama term to be more like his first two years in office than his third and fourth years – in part because so many federal rules that have been started have been put on hold.”

Bloomberg reports the Department of Transportation won’t require transit bus manufacturers to test their vehicles for their capacity to carry heavier passengers.

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