Regulation Watch

January 25, 2013

Regulations are taxes by another name. Here are the most interesting stories on federal regulation policy from the last week:

The Competitive Enterprise Institute notes, “134 final rules have been published in the Federal Register this year” and says “If this keeps up, the total tally for 2013 will be 2,717 new final rules.

The George Washington University Center for Regulatory Studies says the Environmental Protection Agency has vastly overstated the benefits of a proposed regulation regarding air quality standards.

According to the American Action Forum three federal health-related rules proposed over the course of just four days would cost more than $9 billion to implement.

The Washington Post looks at how small businesses will have to calculate full-time workers under the 2010 health care reform law.

Reuters reports the Supreme Court will not take up a case challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to control greenhouse gases.

The Hill profiles one lawmaker’s efforts to reduce unnecessary regulations.

According to Power magazine, one decision by the Environmental Protection Agency could cost a single Arizona power plant $1.1 billion.

The Government Accountability Office concludes federal agencies do not do a good job responding to public comments on proposed regulations.

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