Story of Business Video: Fighting for jobs

February 20, 2012

Story of Business Series

Fighting for jobs

Leslie Bortz is the president of R.H. Peterson Company which is a large manufacturer of vented gas logs in the U.S. R.H. Peterson has been in business since 1949, but like many other small businesses in the U.S. they are affected by the government regulations and their industry is suffering.

The Department of Energy (DOE) is proposing to change the definition of “vented hearth heater” to include hearth products that were previously classified as merely decorative1. This change means that a portion of the industry will now be subject to an entirely different set of regulations. At a time when small businesses are struggling to survive in the economy, the last thing they need are burdensome regulations.

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Part 1: “Moving forward in uncertain times,” a story about a limestone crushing business’s future amidst the possibility of rising costs and ever-changing rules.

Part 2: “When costs compete with passion,” features Barb, owner of a small retail shop, explain that in an already difficult environment for small business, government-augmented uncertainty threatens to raise the cost of her retail business to unbearable levels.

Part 3: “Competing for a future,” facing a slow economy and competition from India and China, Mike’s manufacturing business has struggled to survive. Mike has even personally guaranteed the company’s debt, putting everything he owns on the line.

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