TV AD: Candid talk from an American mom

March 12, 2012

TV AD: Candid Talk From An American Mom

Arlington, VA – Yesterday, Public Notice, launched a new television ad titled “Bankrupting America, Working Hard,” in which a mom talks candidly about her own family’s struggles to meet a budget and Washington’s negligence to live within its means.

The 30-second TV ad hit the airwaves during the Sunday talk shows.

Gretchen Hamel, executive director of Public Notice, said the following:

“It’s been a tough few years for American families.  Moms, dads, and all Americans have made ends meet by stretching every penny, while building a future for their children.

“The federal government is digging a hole so fast that no matter what Americans do, it cannot be filled.  We have an opportunity to save, preserve and strengthen our nation by following the lead of families and doing more with less.  It’s time for Washington to take responsibility for its actions and make the same sacrifices as moms and dads do every single day just to get by.”

To watch the ad, click here.

Run Time 0:30

Transcript of ad:

If your family’s like mine, you’ve had a tough three years. We’ve been working hard, sticking to a budget, making sacrifices so we don’t spend more than we make, living within our means. If we can do it, why can’t Washington? You know it’s been years since they’ve even passed a budget? But they’re still recklessly wasting our hard-earned tax dollars. We’ve tightened our belts—Washington should too. Get the facts. Go to

If you would like more information on the sources for this television ad, or to schedule an interview with Gretchen Hamel, please contact Victoria Coley c 443.758.6077

Public Notice is an independent, nonpartisan, non-profit, 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to providing the facts and insights on the effects public policy has on American’s financial well being.


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