Video Release: EPA Regs Almost Shut Down Small Business in South Carolina

May 21, 2012

Media Contact: Jim Landry (571) 970-6490

Public Notice Marks Small Business Week With Video Profile
Of How Excessive Regulations Hurt Small Businesses

Arlington, VA— Public Notice’s Bankrupting America project today marked the beginning of Small Business Week by releasing a short video titled “The Story of Business: Regulations Should be Effective, not Excessive”. This is the fifth episode in the Bankrupting America project’s “Story of Business” video series.

The video profiles Rob Latham, owner of the List Company, an Internet retail business in Greenville, S.C. Latham’s business and the workers he employed were jeopardized by unnecessary regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency and uncooperative bureaucrats in Washington. After navigating the maze of federal bureaucracy, Latham managed to find Nick Owens in the Small Business Administration’s Office of the Ombudsman. Owens pressed for a higher-level review of Latham’s case and helped the List Company get a revised settlement that allowed it to stay in business.

Gretchen Hamel, executive director of Public Notice, issued the following statement regarding the video:

Rob’s story is the fear of any small business owner. The fact that the federal government can swoop in and threaten to close your business or impose prohibitively high penalties runs contrary to the entrepreneurial spirit that makes America great. Rob was fortunate to find an effective advocate in Nick Owens, but the strain on his business was unreasonable and a cautionary tale for anyone dealing with the federal bureaucracy.

Click here to watch “The Story of Business: Regulations Should be Effective, not Excessive.”

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