Senate Budget Recap

May 17, 2012

Yesterday the Senate voted on five budget resolutions, but none received enough votes to even be considered for debate. It requires a simple majority vote to begin open debate on a budget resolution, but only Representative Paul Ryan and Senator Pat Toomey’s proposals came close with 41 and 42 votes in favor of the resolutions, respectively. In the end, all five resolutions were voted down, leaving the Senate without a budget debate.

In what can now be considered traditional fashion, the Senate will continue to operate for the third straight year without a budget resolution controlling its spending limits. Meanwhile the government is on track to run a $1.2 trillion deficit this year, states are struggling to meet budget gaps due to a stagnate economy, and unemployment remains at 8.1 percent. Hopefully the Senate will soon follow the president and the House’s leads by fulfilling their constitutional duty and passing an annual budget.

The Five Budget Resolutions

President Obama’s Budget Proposal – 0 Yay – 99 Nay – 1 Not Voting

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s Proposal – 41 Yay – 58 Nay – 1 Not Voting

Senator Rand Paul’s Budget Proposal –16 Yay – 83 Yay – 1 Not Voting

Senator Pat Toomey’s Budget Proposal – 42 Yay – 57 Nay – 1 Not Voting

Senator Mike Lee’s Budget Proposal – 17 Yay – 82 Nay – 1 Not Voting

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