Snow removal budget overspent by $140,000, Wednesday Waste?

Wednesday Waste | May 23, 2012

In Lynn, Mass. Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy has cracked down on guidelines in the city’s code to keep its snow budget from being overspent again. During 2011, the city spent an extra $140,000 than its snow removal budget of $785,000. But, instead of being spent to remove snow, the money was spent to pay state employees’ salaries in other departments.

“Obviously, this demonstrates a very poor accounting and budgetary practice which may run afoul of laws relating to municipal finance,’’ said City Solicitor Michael J. Barry. While the city has requested to see all expenditures from the city’s snow budget, this is apparently not the first time that this kind of spending has occurred, just the first time it went over budget.

“While this year was not the first time this occurred, and according to our auditors is common practice in municipalities throughout the state, we have taken steps to ensure this practice will not continue,’’ commented Mayor Kennedy after proposing the new guidelines.

Hopefully with those new guidelines in place, Lynn will keep its snow removal budget focused on what it is  supposed to be used for. You know, snow removal.

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