State News Roundup

September 9, 2010

Here’s a look at some of this week’s most interesting, and consequential, budget- and economy-related issues in the 50 states:

The President unveiled a $50 billion infrastructure spending plan on a Labor Day stop in Wisconsin. The money would be spent over six years on roads, railroads and airport runways. The Washington Post has the story from Milwaukee.

In anticipation of the President’s visit to Cleveland, the Cleveland Plain Dealer laid out a to-do list for the President to revive the city’s economy. The paper wrote that Ohioans are faced with “unacceptably high unemployment and an economy that lagged the nation’s even before credit markets froze need more than some national salves or the vague promise to ‘fight.’”

In an editorial, the Philadelphia Inquirer urged Senate Republicans to end their opposition to small business tax breaks arguing that it would be a reasonable measure to boost the economy.

Earlier this week in the New York Times, Edward Glaeser examined three states’ economies. He argues that the problems Florida, Michigan and California are having could be a product of their past success; “a reflection of an abundance of people relative to economic activity.”

The Washington Post recently examined the effect Washington is having on small businesses. A small business owner profiled in the article felt overburdened, explaining, “What I want government to do is not raise taxes — decrease them to allow us extra money for hiring.”

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