State News Roundup

November 5, 2010

Last Friday, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported on the city manager’s decision to freeze hiring, promotions and transfers for city employees.  The decision was made to ease the ramifications that will arise due to Cincinnati’s anticipated 2011 budget deficit of $60 million.  Some employees prefer the freeze as opposed to layoffs.  Diana Frey, president of the Cincinnati Organized and Dedicated Employees, said, “It should’ve happened long ago, way before now,” she said. “The budget is just going to be horrendous.”

On the eve of his Tuesday night victory, The Pittsburgh Post- Gazette interviewed Pennsylvania Governor-elect Tom Corbett.  Corbett’s vision for the state includes deep cuts in state spending.  According to the article, Corbett said the voters’ message on Tuesday was a cry for fiscal discipline.

Within 12 hours of winning the gubernatorial election, Governor-elect John Kasich had already begun outlining his agenda for the new year. Highlighted by The Cleveland Plain Dealer, at the top of Kasich’s list is the state’s rickety budget, which may run a shortfall of up to $8 billion. Kasich has pledged to not raise taxes to fix the problem, and Republicans have rejected the notion of asking Washington for another federal handout. Kasich said “We will be ready without any question to put together a comprehensive budget within the deadline.”

The Miami Herald detailed post-election voter sentiment and offered insight into the “slaughter” that occurred in Florida.  “Republicans will face the same fate that met Democrats in 2010,” Senator-elect Marco Rubio said, “if they don’t fulfill the promises they made to cut spending, reduce the deficit and lower taxes.” Nathan Gonzales, political editor for the Rothenberg Report observed, “Those voters in the middle are subject to the moods of the day and the situation of the day, and last night voters in the middle were upset with the economy and direction of the country and voted against the Democrats that were in power.”

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