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News Roundup | March 15, 2012

In Kentucky, General Electric reports that it has received 10,000 applications for 230 positions. It took only six hours for the company to reach its maximum allowable number of applicants on Wednesday afternoon.  The new positions will support GE’s Geo-spring water heater line that launched last month. Though its unemployment rate has dropped below 9% for the first time in 3 years, the number of applicants highlights a need for new manufacturing positions.

State revenue increased by 17% in Virginia last month. The increase was attributed to the state’s individual income, sales, and corporate taxes. While the extra revenue brings the state to a safer fiscal stance, overall state budget deficits across the country total $47 billion. Though 29 states are reported to be running deficits this year, Virginia will not be among them after passing major cuts to their education and healthcare systems.

While many uninsured continue to go without benefits, those in California are watching their tax dollars sit in health care reserves. The Peninsula Health Care District in California currently has $43 million dollars in reserve capital. The district denied a request from the county for $4 million, which would then be used to cover costs for those without benefits. The district has no hospitals or clinics for patients to see physicians at, making resident’s wonder why they are still collecting taxes.

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